Overview & Research

A website redesign for the hometown tire company to simplify tire shopping and to leave you driving away with confidence.

The long-standing family owned business grounded in East Bristol, WI has been a staple in the community for the last 50 years. They are neighbors and friends of the community committed to serving with an undying affection to give their customers quality service and price upfront. Weber Tires cuts through the mud, to make buying and installing tires straight forward.


  1. Research the brand and community
  2. Conduct Website Design Audit
  3. Identify Problems
  4. Concept based on possible solutions
  5. Wireframe
  6. Create style sheet
  7. Full Design
  8. Audit new design to make sure problems are being solved


The website design audit concluded the following problems:

  • The user didn’t know where to look first
  • Text is lacking contrast
  • Pages are text heavy
  • Redundant information
  • Using manufacture ads as imagery
  • Visuals do not communicate what their brand is about

Concept & Solution


At Weber Tires Inc. we have valued serving the community the last 50 years with quality products and upfront prices, coming from a friendly face you can trust. We have history here and we are not going anywhere.


The design decisions bases off this concept that solve problems:

  • Brand Purpose Hero Statement: User clearly knows the purpose of the company and what they should expect
  • Find simple prices search: User has a clear action step
  • Services displayed once: Information briefly explained an option to learn more.
  • Add breathing room: user is not experiencing information overload
  • Raise text contrast: easy to read content
  • Unique imagery: high quality tire images on and off a car, tire tracks, mud splatter, road grit, and tire line drawing to bring interest and provide relief to text. As well as communicate the quality of their tires.