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This app answers the question ‘What do I want to eat?’. Instead of scrolling on Pinterest for 3 hours and not cooking anything, or spending countless hours on yelp searching for just the right restaurant, this app will ask a series of questions, then give you suggestions on where to eat, where to get takeout, or what to cook.

Research Plan

Kaylee Winsand
UX/UI Designer

Deciding what to eat can become frustrating, whether scrolling on Pinterest or Yelp for hours, ending no closer to food only increasingly more hungry.

To create an app that helps answer the question “what do I want for dinner?” By asking a series of questions to the user we could output a few options based on the answers.

Screener Questions

  • What is your name?
  • What is your email?
  • Do you have a smart phone?
  • Do you use your smart phone daily?
  • How many meals did you make last week ?

Interview Questions

  • Do you know what you are making for dinner?
  • How do you decide what to eat?
  • How long does it take you usually?
  • Would options of meal ideas help you?
  • How much advance do you need to get groceries?
  • Do you buy groceries based on meals?
  • How many people do you typically make a meal for?

Screener surveys will be sent out to broad audience to narrow down to people who make meals on a regular basis, and use their smart phone.

User 1: Makes meals at least 3 times a week and has a difficult time deciding what to recipe to make.

User 2: Experiences difficulty choosing a restaurant to eat at

User 3: Likes to host and make food

Interview Script
Hi my name is Kaylee Winsand. Thank you for meeting with me! I am conducting a user experience survey to help the development of an app I am making. I want to make sure this app would potentially be helpful in your daily life.

Online Screener Survey Results

In order to find a wide range of potential users to interview, I sent out a survey.

survey results 1
survey results 2
survey results 3

User Interviews & Personas

I conducted face-to-face interviews from the people who responded to the screener survey. Here is the key information I took from them, and the personas I created based off of the interviews.

Mother of 6

  • cooks for 8
  • occasionally makes food for parties
  • semi-planned list
  • goes out to eat as a family monthly
  • Pinterest boards, can’t decide
  • dislikes cooking the same things

Working Woman

  • cooks for one
  • makes food for parties often
  • planned list, Pinterest recipes
  • budget
  • goes out to eat often
  • allergic to wheat, coconut, bananas
  • list of restock items she always buys

College Student

  • cooks for one
  • only goes out to eat for special occasions
  • mental list
  • wings recipes
  • cooks in bulk with leftovers
  • dislikes long recipes

Kim Wheetan

AGE: 43
Remote Business Secretary
Wife, Mother of 3
LOCATION: Fitchburg, WI

Get dinner on the table, start to finish in 45 mins, with leftovers to send with
her husband to work.

Missing out on time with her family because cooking takes too long.

I don’t mind cooking, but I would rather be spending time with my family. I need kid-friendly meals that are dairy free.

Jillian Jensen

AGE: 32
OCCUPATION: Interior Designer
FAMILY LIFE: Wife, 2 years
LOCATION: Chicago, IL 

Host 2 parties a month, with new fun recipes, where all of the food meets her friends dietary restrictions (gluten, dairy)

Finding new recipes, and finding ones that taste good and look good.

I have lots of friends and love to host parties. I love to see a whole party come together from the decorations to the food. I need new recipes, and options to swap out for dairy and gluten free.

Will Mattlon

AGE: 22 
OCCUPATION: Student & Financial Startup
LOCATION: Minneapolis, MN

Plan, buy, and make at least 3 meals a week. Each meal heavy on veggies and meat, and less carbs.

Use up items in fridge before they go bad, and look at recipe without reading a blog too.

I take a lunch to work everyday and just need a few more ideas for what to make without reading a lot of blogs.

Minimum Viable Product / User Stories

This chart connects what users want with actual elements that will be incorporated in the app.

mvp 1
mvp 2

User Flows

A simple flow of how each persona user could flow through the app, to ensure all their needs are being met.

user flow 1
user flow 2

Lo-Fi Wireframe

A simple paper wireframe sketches of what the app would look like. This is a vital step in the process to get ideas down on paper and keep what the users said in mind without getting distracted by designing. This is made in an app called “Pop” which is made specifically for this stage.

pop 1
pop 3
pop 2
pop 4

Black and white Wireframe

From the paper wireframe, I moved to digital black and white wireframes made in sketch.

b+w wireframe 2
b+w wireframe 4
b+w wireframe 3

User testing

Experienced Father of 3

  • question wording doesn’t match app wording
  • No ‘american’ as option
  • add hints on every screen about “keep answering or hit done for suggestions
  • add search bar
  • change wording ‘fave restaurants’?
  • add minutes to seat wait
  • explain icons

Woman who likes to host

  • saw the ‘done’ button when tried to type in suggstions and thought it didn’t work.
  • wanted a search feature
  • lots of steps to get to a recipe

College Student

  • wanted to search
  • small hotspots
  • hard to understand you didn’t need to answer all the questions.
  • confused because they haven’t saved restaurants


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