Overview & Research

Rebranding the local Monroe St. bookstore to visually showcase the quality of books they carry.

When you walk into this the local bookstore, you will always be greeted with a friendly face, and expert advice to guide you to your new favorite book. Their service clearly communicates what they are all about: 

Quality, hand-picked book selection, catered specifically for their community of book lovers.

On the other hand, their brand didn’t seem to communicate their values as clear as their service did. Outsiders didn’t see the bookstore quite like the regulars. The side-walkers couldn’t experience the vast range of books unless they made it in the door, and their branding did not do a great job of convincing them otherwise.

So, the reason to rebrand was simple: draw people in the door and convince them that we are not just a mystery bookstore… without changing the name.


  1. Meet with Client
  2. Redesign Brand
  3. Present to Client
  4. Sign Contract
  5. Create Rebranding Implementation Plan
  6. Design & Roll Out Brand


Reasons for rebranding:

  • Branding not unified
  • Lime green does not seem professional
  • Explain they carry more than just mystery
  • Branding feels dated
  • Logo did not scale well

Concept & Solution

We are confident in our book selection, and dedicated to help you find your next chapter.