Garden Newbies

UX/UI Store kiosk

Of course gardening has been around forever, but hobby gardens have been increasing in recent years. Gardening can be more complicated than it looks. How can we transfer the wisdom of the seasoned planters to the garden beginners? Let’s create a kiosk to be located in a garden store to help answer the many questions to come.

My why

Recently I thought I wanted to start a garden. My mom had a garden growing up, but I really wanted nothing to do with it, so I was clueless. So naturally as a stereotypical millennial, I went to google to learn from the “master gardeners”. But unfortunately what I found was an overwhelming amount of pointless personal information from garden bloggers that I had to sort through in order to get to the real content. 

Once I was fed up with the bloggers, I decided I would just go to the store, get some seeds, plant and water them in hopes that they would grow. It can’t be that hard right? Oh momma I was wrong. I was in an information overload coma walking out of the garden section. I left with the decision that there was no way I was going to start a garden, but maybe I could help those garden newbies that want to! 

At first I was thinking a website, but then I realized I went to the store actually more overwhelmed. So in order to get into the head of a new gardener (i.e. garden newbie) it was crucial I implemented this in both a website and an onsite kiosk. I decided to start with the kiosk first. 


From my personal experience, researching how to start a garden can be extremely time consuming. But in order to design the kiosk properly I had to dive into the world of gardening. That meant back to the bloggers, plant enthusiasts, and garden grandmas. I needed to know everything about gardening so I could properly organize and structure content in a way that would make sense to a “newbie”.


  • What seeds they should grow and why
  • Tasks they should to do in each phase of growing
  • Tools they need to acquire
  • Basics of growing

Survey the soil quality, and improve or maintain the nutrients by organic or chemical fertilizers.

Proper amount of sunlight will bring allow plants to healthily grow to maturity, resulting in a plentiful harvest.

Efficient watering techniques save time and energy from both plants and growers.

Planting Time & Region
Choosing to grow plants in their optimal growing region can bring in a more plentiful harvest. Careful estimation of frost dates based off the growing region can result in a head start or a set back. 


I created a range of personas based off of the research I conducted.

Jackie Clasen

AGE: 36
EDUCATION: Bachelors of English
School Librarian
Monroe Street Area
Wife, Mother of 2

My daughter is very interested in dirt, bugs, and plants. My husband and I have discussed planting a garden for a few years, and I think now is the time. I want to learn with my daughter and see her wonder.

Sammy Donte

AGE: 25
EDUCATION: Bachelors of Architecture
FAMILY LIFE: Single (online dating)

I want more hobbies after my 9-5. I just bought my first condo and I have my own yard! I want to grow fresh organic fruits and veggies!

Paulina Hurlbert

AGE: 63
EDUCATION: High School 
LOCATION: Waunakee
FAMILY LIE: Wife, Mother of 3

I have been involved a garden club with my friends for over 5 years now. I always have issues they don’t have. I want to get answers to my questions so my garden can flourish like theirs.

Minimum Viable Product / User Stories

Combining what users want with the ui elements that will make their desires come to life.

influential user stories

As I talked to a few potential users there were things they said that drove me to add or change some features.

‘I want to be able to troubleshoot my gardening problems so I can harvest a crop I am proud of.’

‘I want to easily understand content, and be able to walk away with a clear list of things to get done to make my garden flourish.’

‘I want to know what I should plant, when I should plant, and what tools I need based off the size of my yard, my region, available sunlight, and water supply.’


WireFlows are a combination of userflows and b&w wireframes. They combine them to simplify the process.


I chose a bright color palette because I wanted to focus on the reward of growing, the colors! The vibrant food and plants.
*I do not own the rights to these images*

Icon Design

User Testing

I had users go through a few tasks with me and vocalize their thoughts in the process. Here are their biggest roadblocks.

A mother

After the beginning page, I had no idea where to go and I was a little overwhelmed. I didn’t know what ‘Action Plans’ were right away.

A millennial

I was not sure how to export my information, I also didn’t know what the ‘popular’ tag meant.

First Prototype

I used this prototype in the user testing above.

User Testing edits

After the feedback from user testing, I knew I needed to incorporate a ‘product tour’ to familiarize users with the kiosk. I thought about a full tour, but knowing the context of standing in a store at a kiosk, I knew it had to be brief.


  • Overwhelming new product → product tour
  • Unclear export option → add export options under the List

Final Prototype

Try the kiosk